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So tonight after getting back from work and relaxing a bit I cranked up some Adele tunes and set out on doing a tutorial. I was inspired by the photos of Adele for her North American Tour Promo and using the Naked 2 palette I tried to copy her look.. It turned out great and I totally loved it, but my camera didn’t. It literally refused to take one good picture, not one. So I’m going to explain the process in detail and try to salvage some pictures…

Products Used

-Urban Decay Naked2 Palette: Foxy {first shade}, Bootycall {third shade}, Tease {fifth shade}, Pistol {eighth shade}

-MAC Espresso {matte chocolate}

-Sephora liquid liner in Black

-Maybelline The Falsies in Black Drama

-Tarte Matte Lip Surgence in Overexposed

-MAC lipstick in Blankety

1. Begin with your regular foundation routine. Slightly contour your cheekbones with a bit of bronzer, using the picture of Adele above for reference.

2. I skipped primer for this tutorial, but if you would like you can add this step in. Begin by applying Foxy all over your lid and up into the crease. Next apply Bootycall in your inner corner and middle of your lid.

3. Using a crease brush blend Tease into your crease, making it appear distinct and not too blended so there’s still that “mod” feel. Next use Espresso and line the crease using an eyeliner brush, following the line of the socket. Do this lightly and blend afterwards with a smudge brush. Lining this area gives it more definition and a distinct crease is a huge part of Adele’s makeup routine.

4. Blend Pistol into the outer half of your lid. Re-apply a tiny bit of Tease in the outer corner area.

5. Line your upper lashline with the liquid liner, looking down into a mirror, and winging out at the end. This is tricky to do, but with practice it becomes easier!

6. Smudge Espresso all along your lower lashline. Use a fluffy brush and apply a mixture of Foxy and Bootycall on your brow bone.

7. Finish off with loads of mascara and you’re done with eyes! Brush away any fall out with some loose powder.  If you want add false lashes, which Adele is known to wear.

The colors are a lot more pigmented in person, but you can get a general idea of the makeup in this picture! (excuse the camera, i’m saving for a new one!)

For the lips apply the Tarte lip stain and follow up with the lipstick on top. Keep it neutral and leave the attention on the eyes by avoiding gloss.

For hair go for big volume and if you can work that bump then go for it! I happen to have very thick, voluminous hair, basically a mane, but I wanted it to look done, so I blew out my hair and added some waves with a curling iron a few days ago and let it settle until it got a bit messy.

I’m going to try to fit in two New Year’s tutorials tomorrow! If you have any requests just comment below…

xx Meg