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i am an absolute fanatic of diy projects. the blog stripes and sequins has served as a serious inspiration for me, and has given me the push to do more diy projects. if i see something i love and know i can make, and for a lot less money, i jump at the chance to make it. this happened recently with sam edelman’s holmby clutch. as soon as i saw it i fell in love and knew i had to try making it, and i couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.


basic leather clutch (i got it from forever 21) // studs, spikes and diamonds (browsed around etsy) // krazy glue // rubber gloves (to protect hands from glue)

1. begin by applying krazy glue to the bottoms of the studs and apply directly to the clutch, holding in place for thirty seconds. be careful not to get glue on your fingers! if you do rub nail polish remover on the glue until the bonds dissolve and then rinse in water.

2. continue with the other spikes and diamonds, and apply all over the flap. as you go along you can figure out your own pattern, but i just tried to balance all the different studs, spikes and diamonds with each other.