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elliott3a few months ago i wrote about one of my favorite bloggers, sincerely, jules, and how much i wish i could look as stylish as her a in sweatshirt. if i could pull of a sweatshirt like she does i would do it all the time.. (currently working on this since i just look like a mess). anyways, i decided to start a series where i’d feature some of my favorite outfits from some of my favorite bloggers. even though i’ve already done a post on jules before, i had to do an updated one. as i mentioned before the only way i can think of to describe her is simply that she is the shit. pardon me, but it’s true. her style is the definition of california cool, and if anyone could push me to wear a pair of high tops with a dress or heels during the day, it’s jules. i love how i talk as if i know her, even though i clearly don’t, but she is one of those bloggers you want to know. i could totally see us hanging out at the beach or browsing the shelves at zara, but that sounds so creepy so i’m going to stop. all in all she seems like a fashion buddy/a friend you’d want at your side, so i’m more than happy to kick off this series with her.  bcnbraid2memorylane7 newstuff surfbarcelona8 nordstromsavvy10 memorylane6