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tumblr_ms64vyJU1p1rmfv8to1_500stalking the internet on the daily comes with the territory of having a “lifestyle” blog. i write about so many different things on here, so the links i tend to post are typically all different things. so if you’re reading this and wondering how any of these relate to each other, they don’t, but i like them all regardless.

i love anything romantic, and sappy, and sentimental. if it’s really, really cheesy i can’t take it, but if there are subtle nuances of sappy romance i’m all over it. for that reason, this link, which shows the best love speeches in movies, is everything.

throughout my time writing this blog i feel like i’ve mentioned that i love lions. they are my favorite animals for multiple reasons: i’m a leo through and through (my horoscopes are almost always spot-on), my hair has lioness tendencies, favorite movie is lion king, etc. basically the list goes on and on… for that reason, these lion prints are amazing and i may have to invest in one at some point in my life.

although i may not be a boy, j.crew has the best cheat sheet up for men’s winter fashion. i love the layout of their items along with what they chose, and so much of it looks incredibly comfortable and warm.

not the biggest cheese fan, but this grilled cheese post actually looks delicious, and makes me want one of those sandwiches right about now.

bradley gather of luella & june had the most beautiful and unique wedding reception, and i’m obsessed.

a middle school football team did something amazing recently that had me tearing up. if you need your faith restored in humanity, this is it.

these apple hand pies look delicious and easy to make. if you’re having a fall get-together and need to impress your guests, i recommend trying this recipe out.