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study essentials

 the saying goes that christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year… but i honestly think that the study days before finals, and even the days that i have finals, deserve this title. that’s obviously a complete joke, and this is one of the more stressful times of year, but this is the last time i’ll be taking finals for a fall semester. instead of freaking out about the end of college (which is going to happen), i decided to take an “artistic” study break and make a collage of my studying essentials. in no particular order, these are what keep me sane:

my favorite sweatshirt in the whole world that i’ve worn way too much // my glasses usually sub in for my contacts when my eyes feel as if they’ve gone to hell and back // iced green tea with a little bit of vanilla which i refill many times from the coffee shop in the library // my skin gets dry during the winter, but especially during finals. this lotion helps stop that // i’ve made way too many trips to sweetgreen, but it’s worth it // i’ve been catching up on the second season of vikings whenever i need a study break // god bless the frank sinatra channel on pandora, which has some of my favorite music to listen to // waffle crisp used to be my favorite guilty pleasure cereal, but i haven’t been able to find it for the longest time… i’ve been craving it like crazy, and i’m this close to hunting it down on amazon // my caffeine fix is a skim chai latte from starbucks // nest’s moss and mint candle is what i would call a “relaxing” candle // papermate’s mechanical pencils are my favorite and i use them in every test i’ve ever taken at georgetown // bite’s bb balm in natural is the holy grail of chapsticks