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i tend to look at a lot of blogs, tumblr, and pinterest in order to get inspired. this may consist of casually browsing through pictures, or falling so in love with an outfit that i tend to do a little bit (or a lot) of online browsing in order to find my own version of dupes. when it comes to outfits that i freak out over, brooklyn blonde has that title. she rocks neutrals like no one else, and has a city girl style that i love. i can only hope that i could look so put together while walking the streets of manhattan, but in reality i know that after a long day at work i will not be looking anywhere near as put together. when you’re getting on the subway after racing through rockefeller center in muggy, humid new york heat you could not be looking any worse. so next time i’m getting ready, i’ll think of some of these outfits and pray i don’t look like a hot mess by the end of the day.

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