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kerr-bloom-ferguson-w724so realistically speaking, i should be commenting on the best dresses at the oscars, which there were many of. instead i chose to do something different, which is something i always seem to be doing.. sorry, can’t help it! you know how different writers and artists have muses? well maybe in some weird alternative universe i could be robert frost’s muse, because that whole “i took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” has meg written all over it. now these less traveled roads are not always the best of ideas, but it’s worth it to say you at least tried. okay, back to business, sorry for tangent-ing, per usual. my favorite dresses from oscar’s night actually showed up at the vanity fair after party, and i basically would have loved to attend, but i guess my invite got lost in the mail. it’s all good though, because next year i’ll so be ready, rocking a unique dress, making robert proud. article-0-18449A7E000005DC-206_634x859oscars-afterparty-dresses-lily-collins-h724oscars-afterparty-dresses-amy-adams-h724oscars-afterparty-dresses-solange-h724

and one adele picture, because 1. she rocked it at the oscar’s, and 2. you can never have enough adele movies-oscars-adele-skyfall