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lust list neutrals

the coolest east coast poster // vampire weekend’s new album // some snakeskin stunners // necklace of my dreams // new york inspired phone case // pretty rad matchbooks // lustworthy tortoiseshell sunnies // comfiest looking pillow ever // perfect everyday bag for the girls who don’t like to carry bags // THE SHOES // ideal bracelet for leos (aka me)

i’ve mentioned this before, but i have this bookmark folder that happens to be the bane of my existence. yes, this is dramatic, but it isn’t healthy. this folder is called the lust list, items which i want really badly, but will hold out on until they go on sale (meaning i most likely won’t get them). the tricky part is that more often than not these items sell out, and i’m left with non-buyer’s remorse. i’ll also delete items from this list, but they’re still in my memory (and my shopping cart), so they’re never truly gone. there is one item, the ragini sandals, that i check up on multiple times during the day, since there is only one shoe left in my size in stock. yes, i’m still waiting it out, hoping that this site will notice these last two sizes aren’t selling and mark it down. not to mention i have an insane amount of outfits planned out around these shoes, but i still haven’t gotten them. knowing my luck these shoes will be gone once i do this post….