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for my internship i’ve been sticking to the same uniform: black skinny jeans, a nice shirt (or t-shirt if i know i’m going to get dirty), and ballet flats. luckily i love wearing all three of these things, so it’s been working out, but every once in a while i love dressing up. i’m not really feeling the possibility of ruining my clothes, so i tend to do that thing where i vicariously live through bloggers/plan out regular outfits for the weekend when it is totally unnecessary. for example, i am seeing the lumineers in a few weeks and i couldn’t be more excited… so like the insane person that i am, i’ve been planning out outfits in my head repeatedly. at this point, i’m up to outfit number three, but i know i won’t be settling for anything soon. at least i’m honest with myself..


not sure if you guys can tell, but i’ve got a special spot for all things glitter.. sincerely, jules


actually obsessed with this skirt on the brooklyn blonde