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IMG_8276 (1)my relationship with cooking is similar to the relationship that noah and allie have in the notebook… it’s something that’s just meant to be. sorry for how cheesy that was, but i’ve always wanted to use that as a comparison. for example, in fifth grade we were supposed to imagine what our future would be like and create a drawing to go with it. i drew myself in a doctor’s coat, working in a bakery, and holding a georgetown diploma in one hand. obviously a drawing that was completely realistic. so far i’m 1 for 3 on those counts (or since i’m still studying at georgetown it might be 0 for 3), and the doctor thing is probably not going to happen since i gave that dream up junior year of high school. who knows about the bakery though… maybe i can hit 2 for 3. before i start rambling, even though i’ve basically already started, i’m going to get to the point. i made one of the most delicious things i’ve ever had in my life thanks to this recipe. there were some issues with the recipe (due to the fact that i’m a college student), like when i used a meat tenderizer to mash cauliflower because we don’t have a potato masher… so that was fun. but seriously, this one is definitely worth trying.photo 1
photo 2
photo 3photo 5